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Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information

In the first part of my new series, I’ll cover great albums that you should own.  If you already own them…then kudos to you!  If you don’t, then you are obviously an out of touch loser with little chance for redemption…but here’s your chance to change.

I think I picked up Inspiration Information a couple of years back when it was reissued and I was completely blown away.  This album simply doesn’t sound like anything else out there.  It lived in my car stereo for the whole summer moving into fall, and I think I burned copies for my whole family (although some didn’t “get it”) for Christmas.

Shuggie is the son of Johnnie Otis who you may know from his hit song “The Hand Jive.”  From what I recall this was his third album that he recorded…his first two made in his early teens included the original Strawberry Letter 23.  On Inspiration though, recorded when he was 17, Shuggie shifts from his signature blues style and adopts a Sly Stone aesthetic of laid back funk over drum machine.

(Think: There’s  a Riot Going On.)

I will listen to this album front to back any day of the week and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.  This reissue also includes 4 tracks from his Freedon Flight LP as well…Bonus!

PS:  If you see Shuggie playing in your town…skip the show.  He may be a genius in the studio, but his live shows are a painful suckfest of little value.




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