They Might be Giants – Flood


I’m not sure when I first picked up They Might Be Giants: Flood, but I can assume it was a happy day.  I think this was another CD I discovered in the carpool to High School from the older kid who used to drive me…he was always listening to modern rock (Live 105 yo!) and wasn’t snobby about sharing his musical taste.  This album just oozes good vibes…even in the song about nazi’s.  I remember I gave it to my Mom thinking she would dig it and she told me that she just didn’t get it.

“Everybody wants a rock to wind a string around?”  she asked  “What does it mean?”

I tried to explain, but was met with only quizzical looks and a shrug when she said “Whatever” to my argument.  Strangely enough…several years later I gave a copy to my sister and my nieces loved it (when kids get old enough to appreciate such things) and my Mom asked for a copy.

“I gave you one!” I said “Years ago!!!”

She denied this until I dug through her stuff and produced her battered old copy.  When I pointed out that she hated it before…she said she had no memory of that.

Sure mom…sure.


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