The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II


Where were you when you first heard Bizarre Ride II?  I was sitting on my dorm room floor drinking a gallon jug of Carlo Rossi Red Sangria.  Maybe you’ve never heard of it and maybe you don’t even like hip hop, but regardless o either…this album will make you smile.  It’ll make you sad…it’ll even make you shake your ass!

Released in 1992, and oft considered one of the high water marks of hip hop’s golden era, the Pharcyde sadly never surpassed the brilliance of this opening salvo.  It plays as almost a companion piece to De La Soul’s ‘3 feet High and Rising’, but not quite as loopy.  Like A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Low End Theory’, but not so serious.  All I know is that if you have a party going on at your house and you throw this shit on…it’s like magic.

Truth be told, the way I work my thang at a party, even Abba gets em hot.

From the hilarious “Ya Mama,” (which BTW has some really excellent remixes floating around, see the video below) and “Oh Shit”, to the deeply personal ” Passin Me By” the group hits it on all cylinders here.

On a side note, Red Sangria and Jack Daniels are not great things to drink together.  I know, I know…it sounds crazy. But when you ‘re talking to a girl and suddenly realize that you aren’t really speaking, and only vomit is coming out, that’s when you have such epiphanies.


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