Mr Bungle – California

There seems to be larger base of Mr Bungle fans out there than you would imagine.  Two years back I was hinging out with the dude from Alien Ant Farm and his bass player had a sick Disco Volante shirt on that I gave him props for. He was kind of taken off guard by it…mostly because I don’t think he expected anyone to really know what his shirt was.  And just the other day my friend Drew was driving a 40’s- ish coworker home and threw some Bungle in the CD player.

“Dude!  Is this Bungle?!?”


“Man, I have’t listened to Bungle in a while!”

The point of that story was that the album Drew threw on was Mr Bungle’s third and final album, California.  If you don’t know, Mr Bungle is Mike Patton’s first (and only as far as I’m concerned) band…before he joined Faith No More.  Their discography goes like this:

Mr Bungle – Mr Bungle: Demented Carnival, porno, death metal, funk music (really!)

Mr Bungle – Disco Volante:  Lots of Zappa influence…nuff said

Mr Bungle – California: Surf, doo wop, soul, noir rock

As good as this album is, from “Retro Vertigo” you see above, ‘Pink Cigarette’ or ‘Vanity Faire,’ one can’t help but feel a little sad that the band has broken up.  But, hey if the Eagles can get back together, there’s always hope. Of all their work, this is the most accessible.



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