Bohannon – Stop and Go

When I was growing up, my exposure to music was pretty limited.  I think my first two records were Steve Martin’s  “King Tut” and the theme song to “The Greatest American Hero,” both on 45, and a Weird Al LP.

That was it.

For years that was all I had, with my sister occasionally letting me listen to Queen’s “News of the World” or her KISS album.   In high school I did manage to branch out to include Led Zeppelin and Garth Brooks.

God it was a sad little world back then.

Then I hit college and discovered The Funk.  This is mostly thanks to my good friend Farmer Dave, a great musician in his own right, who set me on a path of funky discovery.   It was from this genre that my explorations of all other genres began…and on one such digging mission that I discovered Bohannon.  Actually I only discovered one song from this album…Save Their Souls, but what a song it is.  It was my friend Andrew who hunted down the source album, and thank God he did.

Waaaayy back in 1972, Hamilton Bohannon released this almost completely instrumental piece of brilliance called “Stop and Go.”  Far different from the disco Bohannon that would emerge later in the decade, this recording has some amazing drum work, thick bass and some filthy wah wah guitar.  There is no filler here.  None.

I wish I could tell you that you could go pick this up at a store, but I don’t think they ever bothered to reissue it on CD.  So you either got to dig hard at your local vinyl shop or hook up some P2P action to get a feeling for what I’m putting down here…and if you’re listening to the majestic “singing a Song for my Mother’ above,  I think you do.

Yeah, just get it off the net…it’s so much easier.


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