Gary Higgins – Red Hash


You know what one of the best parts about music is…aside from everything?  It’s that so much of it is regional.  Some things get released in, say Chicago on some small label… and aside from the few people that picked it up at the time, it just never went any further than that.

No big label attention, no Billboard charts, no radio play.

These records sit on shelves and are cherished by collectors who love to brag about them.  Gary Higgins 1973 masterpiece”Red Hash” is one of those albums.

Oft talked about, but rarely heard.

I was gonna save this review for later, but I figured I’d better throw this one out sooner, since this was recently reissued and won’t be around for long.

If you like folk (Banhart fans?) or just good acoustic music, you’re gonna shit your pants over this one.

Not literally, but figuratively that is.

Filled with what can only be described as smokey folk soul (check out the opening track Thicker than a Smokey) this album will impress even the most hardened connoisseurs.  Filled with effortless chord changes and sweet melodies, it’s just a gorgeous album.  One reviewer likened the song “Cuckoo” to being almost grunge if they added distortion and a little electric guitar…and they’re right.   Also, check the sweet guitar work by Jake Bell from Silver Apples.

Poor Gary released this album right before he got tossed in the pokey for two years on marijuana possession.  Yep, the man didn’t like the hippies back then, and as you can see from his picture on the cover, Gary didn’t look like no straight edger.  Excellent beard though!  Good news it that now with his rediscovery, word is he’s getting a band together for a little tour.  Be on the lookout!

BONUS!!! Here he is at SXSW this year!  Still got it!!!



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