Easy Star All-Stars – Dub Side of the Moon


Usually, the idea of a “genre tribute” to anything fills me with dread because of the many musical disasters in the last decade that had those words in their title.  Things like “An Orchestral Tribute to Led Zeppelin” or “A Country Tribute to Bob Dylan” are generally full of things that hurt my ears.  You’ll be lucky if your head doesn’t explode from hearing them.

So when the Easy Star All-Stars Came out with “Dub-Side” in 2003, I kind of groaned…steeling myself for the imminent disgust that I knew was coming.  But that disgust never came.  I found myself nodding, and saying “Wow!  This doesn’t suck!  In fact, this is pretty rad!”  (yes…I said ‘rad’)

It’s not too surprising that Pink Floyd’s seminal work translates so easily to the reggae format, but the All-Stars really make it work.  I like how the opening to ‘Money’ has replaced the cash machine noises with bong noises , and even the sick reggae drum and bass breakdown in their version of  ‘Time.’

And I’m not even a big fan of D ‘n B!

You can find the band touring a lot, I saw them perform this album a few years ago in Santa Monica (awesome!), and in 2006 they released a really good album of Radiohead covers aptly titled “Radiodread.”  Look for an album of original material coming later this year.

And thank you Easy Star All-Stars for not sucking!

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