Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings – Waylon and Willie

Yes…I like country too.

I has to be real country though, and not the pop garbage that often passes for it these days. (New Country, I’m looking in your direction.)

One of the best examples of real country is the 1978 collaboration of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, simply titled “Waylon and Willie.” A cultural touchstone for the time, it’s not Willie’s best album by far (I still stand by “Stardust,” myself) nor is it Waylon’s, but it has a warmth and sense of good will to it that is undeniable. At the time of it’s recording, both Nelson and Jennings had spent years fighting the labels for more artistic freedom and less retraints…and had subsequently won the battle that allowed Outlaw Country to flourish.

It also lead to more than a few chart topping albums and singles for both men.

So when “Waylon and Willie” was released, it signified no big change for the genre…just a continued celebration.  Jenning’s band, The Waylords supply such a ferocious backing for the album, that one barely misses Willie on guitar.

My friend Spoon turned our whole group onto this album back in college, and would often pull out his battered copy and play ‘Get Off on You’ at full blast until everyone was forced to sing along.  I still know the song by heart, and I once finished a fifth of Jack while listening to the album.  Then I barfed up pasta all over my house.

Unlike this record, it was a bad combo.

Other high points are ‘Don’t Cuss the Fiddle’ and ‘Pick up the Tempo,’ but I think the whole album is a high point to be honest.  Two giants at their peak…it didn’t go double platinum for nothing folks!

Only $9 on Amazon for the cd or download!



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