Gerardo Frisina – The Latin Kick

Of all the things an album can aspire to, I’d like to think getting people to dance is top of the list.  If you think about it, it doesn’t happen that often, and when it does…it’s rarely for an entire album.  Thank God for Gerardo Frisina.


Gerardo Frisina is a producer/composer/musician from Italy with a thing for Latin grooves.  Back in 1997 he and label mate Nicola Conte (you’ll hear more about him in the future) helped form Schema records with a goal of releasing lots of juicy international grooves, with a slant towards Italio/latin jazz and Bossa Nova.  They also release artists like S-Tone Inc and Soulstance.  Frisina’s albums and singles have been a crate staple for dance floor DJ’s for years…and for good reason.

The Man knows what he’s doing.

After dropping two fantastic albums in the first half of this decade,  “Ad Lib” (2001) and “Hi Note” (2004), he finally hit on his masterpiece “The Latin Kick” in 2005.  When Frisian makes Latin beats, they always seems to have a delightfully Italio-jazz flavor to them with touches of afro-cuban, bossa nova and house music thrown in.  His compositions are full of classic jazz touches like lush strings and smooth horn sections.  To say this is his best album so far is saying a lot…especially if you happened to pick up his earlier work, but he does seem to improve on every album.

“The Latin Kick” is full of sparkling tunes that will set off any tropical setting from the beach to the pool.  Like the amazing afro rhythms of ‘Gods of Yoruba’ or the insane percussion and piano grooves of ‘Gosto de Que e Bom.’  The song you’ll find above is called ‘Cohete’ and I demand that you dig it now.

You should buy this album if you like the following things:

1. Ass Shaking

2. Latin, Afro, Jazz, Bossa Nova…or any combination of the list

3. Hanging out with scantily clad members of the opposite sex in a tropical setting…maybe with cocktails (no, definitely with cocktails)

Kind of pricy on Amazon…

Fuck that…


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