Theivery Corporation – The Cosmic Game

For the life of me I’ve never understood why more people aren’t into Thievery Corporation.  It’s not like their music isn’t good, accessible or easily enjoyable to people with only a hint of taste…or none at all.  Yet there are still folks out there who have never heard of them, and don’t own one of their albums.  These poor, out of touch losers walk around this planet in a state of complete apathy.

But there is hope.

Simply buy/burn them a copy of Thievery Corp’s 2005 album “The Cosmic Game” or keep it for yourself.

“But, why DJ Tim?”

Simple.  Because, like all the other albums featured on this blog, it’s awesome.

Born of two like minded music freaks from Washington DC, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton met and began collaborating at the famous Eighteenth Street Lounge back in 1995.  They found that they liked the same collections of dub, lounge, jazz, bossa nova and hip hop…so they brought their styles to the studio and Thievery Corp was born.

They released a couple of ear catching singles that put them on a lot of underground DJ’s radar ( a groovy radar to be on, if you make cool shit) with their newly formed ESL label, and soon released “Sounds from the Theivery Hi Fi.”  A lot of people have tried to categorize them with labels like “leftfield” or “downtempo,” but categories aside (who needs em?) they just enjoy making great music that I love.

One of their only albums I own on wax, “The Cosmic Game” is darker than the previous album, with a lot more rock flourishes than before.  this is maily thanks to a stellar line up of guest stars like David Byrne on ‘The Heart’s A Lonely Hunter’ of The Flaming Lips on ‘Marching The Hate Machines…’

If you like your beats chilled and your ambiance cool, this is the stuff for you.

Even if you don’t, chances are you will at some point in the future, so it’s best to be prepared!



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