Marvin Gaye – Troubleman Soundtrack

Blacksploitation Soundtracks are one of this nations greatest treasures of funk.  Sure most of the movies aren’t that good (like “Troubleman,” which is abysmal) but the creative license lent to the artists on the soundtracks has produced some real gems…like James Brown’s “Black Caesar” or Isaac Hayes “Shaft.”

Besides, you can always skip the movie and go straight to the music.

Most folks, Marvin fans included, are unaware that he even did a soundtrack, let alone one as bad ass as “Troubleman.”  But after viewing the film, one gets the feeling that they allowed Gaye to record the album first, then tried to make a movie around it.  Released in 1972, the soundtrack is sandwiched between two of Gayes’ most celebrated works, 1971’s “What’s Going On” and 1973’s “Let’s Get it On.”

So essentially, this is Marvin at his peak.

Marvin had already let it be known that he was interested in acting. In a prophetic move, he turned down an offer to play Sam Cooke in a film about the singers life because he felt it odd to play a singer who was shot to death.  he ended up in two roles in small movies (“Hot Chrome and Leather” and “The Ballad of Andy Crocker”) before being offered the chance to try his hand at a soundtrack.

Marvin jumped on it.

Unlike his other albums, “Troubleman” is almost entirely instrumental, but despite this departure from his usual style it really allowed Marvin to stretch his creative legs.  Take one of the best track’s like ‘T Plays it Cool’ and see if it doesn’t stack up to most of the current club tracks of today.  Or the title track, with it’s minimal vocal stabs over a lush musical cloud.

Bluesy in some parts, ambient in others this is a nice album to relax to.  Marvin oft referred to this recording as his favorite work.  Does that make it the best?  No.  But it’s still fucking awesome.

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2 Responses to “Marvin Gaye – Troubleman Soundtrack”

  1. 1 isbum
    August 14, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    You love Isaac Hayes soundtrack for “Shaft”?
    The real music from the movie soundtrack is going to be released soon!

    Check it out here:


  2. August 14, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Do I love it? Of course! It is one of the greatest, and most recognizable, movie soundtracks of all time!

    If you like that, I also recommend the James Brown Soundtrack for “Black Caesar” which is also freaking awesome!

    Thanks for the link too! I’ll have to get me some of that!

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