Marcos Valle – Previsao Do Tempo

I figured it was a good after tax day Friday to give some love to our Brazilian peeps.  I know that lots of people’s vision of Brazil is limited to screenings of “City of God” or an Amazon special on Discovery Channel. This isn’t to say that most people are ignorant; it’s just that most have no idea of the vastness of the Brazilian music scene.

And one of its biggest hero’s is Marcos Valle.

A singer, songwriter and producer…Valle was discovered just after high school when the bossa nova sound was at the height of it’s popularity.  One of his compositions, ‘Sonho De Maria’ was even recorded by the famous Tamba Trio in 1963.  From that point on he was a fixture on the scene, with many Brazilian artists eager to record his songs.

In 1966, he came to America and helped Sergio Mendes form what would eventually become Brazil ’66 and released a few albums here as well.  Over the years his style has adopted sounds of rock, jazz, fusion, soul and pop and he recorded numerous tracks for Brazilian soap operas (true!)

After the release of the 1972 album “Vento Sul,” which was a little too experimental for most, he returned the next year with “Previsao Do Tempo.”  A warm and energetic mix of tunes that fared well with the help of his backing band (who would later become Azymuth!), the album was nothing short of innovative.  It just oozes goodness, but with a musical quality that is much higher than one would expect.

I threw this on for Farmer Dave a few years ago and he sat up in his chair saying, “This is Pop!!!”

It is pop.

But pop in Brazil is light years ahead of what pop is in the US.  If you want an introduction to the Brazilian sound, this is the place to start.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’s available now as a Japanese import (Damn the Japanese with their awesome imports and good musical taste!!!) and well worth the money. Below is a song from the album ‘Mentira’ attached to a strange video. I have no idea who made it or what it means, but have a listen!

AWESOME BONUS!!!  Marcos on the Andy Williams Show from 1966!  Groovy!


1 Response to “Marcos Valle – Previsao Do Tempo”

  1. 1 Dave
    September 17, 2009 at 8:39 am

    I love this album!!!!!
    Excellent. Azimuth is funkier than a sock in a cat box!

    One question: Does anyone have the lyrics?
    I have found a few on the net, but I really want the lyrics to “Mais do que Valsa”.
    All I know is that it means “more than a waltz”.
    Even if the lyrics are in Portuguese, I can get them translated.
    Please Help!!!!!!

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