Banksy & Danger Mouse – Paris

Some albums you buy becuase they are great, others you buy because they are great statements.  This falls into the latter category.  See, back in 2006, Paris Hilton was all set to release her debut album brilliantly titled “Paris.”  Luckily for us, my favorite guerilla artist Banksy ( go see his stuff HERE  No really!  Go see his stuff!) was lurking in the wings with DJ Dangermouse (Gnarls Barkly.)  They snagged a copy of the CD, scanned the packaging and ‘re-mixed’ it, added a new mix CD in the real CD’s place, sealed 500 copies and distributed them to about 48 different record stores through out London.

From the outside, it looks like the real “Paris,”  with the exception that she’s been photo-shopped to have her yams hanging out, and the promo sticker on the front that now touts her new big hits: ‘Why am I Famous,’ ‘What Have I done’ and ‘What am I For.’  The inner sleeve notes have been properly vandalized as well with slogans like ‘Every CD you buy puts me further out of your league” and “race to the bottom of the pile!”

But for every satirical move Banksy made in the visual realm, DJ Dangermouse more then matched him in the musical one.  What you get on the CD is a 45 minute mix of the dumbest Paris Hilton quotes you can find, over the same beat.  At first, it might sound boring and repetitive, but then again…so does Paris’s real album.

And that’s the point Dangermouse is making.

To his credit, the mix isn’t un-listenable…in fact it’s kind of catchy.  You may find yourself singing parts to yourself throughout the day (that’s hot!) The original copies of the CD go for big bucks on Ebay, but there are some reprint’s out there now that won’t dent your wallet.  Besides, I kind of get a rush when people come over and spot a Paris CD amongst my collection…and think it’s legit.

My favorite part of the story though is that for all the CD’s that were mistakenly bought, none were returned and no complaints filed.

Take that corporate music!  Go buy it HERE.

Apparently this CD is out of print now, but you can find the mix on the web!  It kind of defeats the purpose of having the CD itself, but whatever.


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