Groove Collective – Groove Collective

I was hanging out by the pool on Sunday when my friend introduced me to his pal, NAppy G. To Which I said:

“Holy Shit!  I’ve been listening to you since Groove Collective dropped in 1993!!!”

Nappy was stoked that I had remembered his early work…almost as stoked as he was to celebrate the holiday with me before his DJ Set (can I get a What-What?!?!) Which brings me to the album of the day, Groove Collective’s self titled debut ‘Groove Collective.”

I got the impression that a lot of albums from the nineties got lost in the acid jazz/trip-hop shuffle.  I guess you could call this album ‘acid jazz,’ but why not just call it ‘jazz’ which is what it is.  Funkier than most jazz? Laced with a little hip hop?  Leaning towards a little electronic? Yes, yes and yes…but still jazz.

Which begs the question…does a genre’s evolution really merit an entirely new genre name?

I don’t know.  But what I do know is how much I love this album!

Groove Collective formed in 1990 as a collection of musicians with a wide range of influences including jazz, be bob, funk, Latin and hip hop.  Their insistence on live instrumentation and ability to really groove for a dance floor has kept them blowing up live shows for over a decade now, despite their rotating list of members.  They also are one of the few groups to insist on keeping a DJ in the group.  Co-founding member John Maron states  “(Groove Collective’s) goal has always been to emulate the range of music a DJ plays during the course of the night at a packed club….A great DJ knows the songs that can ignite the room and fill the dance floor. Some of my favorite musical experiences have been in clubs, where you listen and realize how well all of these styles blend together into one big idiom of its own.” (from Bass Player Magazine, April 2001…by  way of Wiki!)

If you love jazz, and or Jazzy breaks this could be the piece you’ve been looking for.  I couldn’t find a good video for any of the tracks on this album except of this vid with their first track from the album on it called “rentstrike.”  It is one of my favorite tracks though!

Here’s a great video of them doing their cover of the Beatles ‘I want You.’

It’s pretty cheap on Amazon too.  You could download the whole thing for about $10.


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