LCD Soundsystem – 45:33

I had to chase a crack-head out of my bar yesterday.

I usually shy away from conflict but this asshole was askin for it. I was fiddling with the soundsystem when he wandered in shouting “Barak Obama is President!”

At first I felt he was just excited about the Primary Election, until he started calling my partner Jeff a “redneck motherfucker.”  This went on for way too long, and our bouncers don’t come in till after dark, so everyone was just kind of hoping he would go away.  But crack-heads don’t do that.  I didn’t move  until he wandered over to a table full of elderly customers and started yelling “Motherfucker” at a 95 year old woman.  That’s when I reached my limit, grabbed him by the lapels a tossed him out the back door.

It wasn’t easy mind you, he was wiggling and yelling the whole time and shouting that if I hit him he’d call 911. To be honest I didn’t feel too threatened by this.  We locked the back door behind him…thinking it was finally over.

Wrong…this is a crack-head!

Five minutes later I hear him coming back towards the front door, still shouting, and now I’m really pissed.  Jeff has already grabbed his pepper spray and is ready, but I just start charging toward the door at full steam. So when Crackie comes around the corner all he sees is my crazed ass barrelling down on him. He turned and ran.  He stood out in the parking lot for another few minutes shouting insults at us from a safe distance before finally leaving…which made me kind of sad, cause I was fully ready to beat that dumbass.  Beat him like he owed me money.

But back to the real topic at hand, The LCD Soundsystem project simply titled “45:33.”  Now I’ve been a fan of these guys since their much overlooked self-titled first album dropped in 2005.  Their sound kind of resides in a strange musical grey area that encompasses dance music, rock, punk and electronic. Led by DFA label co-founder James Murphy, the group puts out some seriously great music…if you don’t believe me, check out their most recent release “Sound of Silver.”

No really, check it out!

So, anyhow, in 2006 Murphy teamed up with Nike and iTunes to create a digital promo mix that was designed for workouts.  Supposedly it was based on a workout graph arc, where it would start slow, work up to a decent workout tempo, then drop to a cool down.  While this sounds like a great plan, and the mix seems to follow it, but rumor has it James Murphy was simply looking for an excuse to create a really long piece of music.  That, and the mix strangely comes out closer to 46 minutes than 45:33…wtf?  Luckily, I like a musician who isn’t afraid to take risks.

I somehow missed the original digital release, and never knew about the mix until it was dropped on vinyl a few months ago, but I have to say I was pretty fuckin impressed. Split into six tracks aptly labelled I-VI, it has a lot of groovy beats…but also some incredibly catchy melodies as well. Seriously, I’ve caught myself whistling some of the tunes throughout whatever days I listen to the mix.

Vocals don’t figure to prominently in this mix, except for a smattering of almost hip hop style party chants like ‘Shame on you…” but who cares, what you get here is an incredibly listenable musical experiment by an artist who has not yet failed to delight and surprise even the most jaded audiophile.

The above videos are pretty much the whole mix, BTW.

Go get it!


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