DJ Frane – Electric Garden of Delights

The other day my sister gave me a Sirius Satellite radio.

She got it for my brother in-law, but he already had it in his car, and as the technology clearing house for my family, I stepped in and took it over.  I haven’t gotten around to setting it up yet, but it got me thinking about other radio options.

See, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about HD Radio and wondering if it really is better than Satellite radio…or even regular radio.  The big pro over Satellite is that you have no monthly fees.  The con is you have to buy a whole new radio to hear it…although it’s not really a con, but more of a tie because Satellite has that issue too.

So what it really come down to is content. Satellite obviously rules here because they have better content and no commercials, whereas regular radio just sucks.  And being that HD radio is run by regular radio, I have to figure it’s gonna suck too.

Suck whale balls, that is.

I have no idea when radio decided to suck. Obviously it was before my time, or during a portion of my time when I was busy with other things, but I wish I was at the meeting where all the radio bosses sat down and decided:

“What everyone wants is to hear the same 50-100 songs on loop all day!”  They would all loudly agree..or make agreeable grunting noises at least.  Then the discussion would turn to the DJs, and the bosses would all agree that they didn’t really need to be a part of the equation anymore.

“Why bother having a passionate and educated person choosing what songs people should hear?  We’ll choose the music, or at least let the record companies pay us to choose what they want, and all our DJs have to do it be mildly entertaining!” they’d say, clapping each other on the back and lighting cigars.  Congratulating themselves for inventing ‘crap radio.’

I think we’ve only tolerated it for so long because it’s free.  But, free or not, regular radio will most likely never return to the old format of making hits or breaking new talent.

That task is now left to the people…and the internet.

One such discovery was DJ Frane and his fantastic 2003 sophmore effort “Electric Garden of Delights: Beats to Blaze To Volume 2.” I have to give credit where credit is due here and bow to whomever used to do the Vice Magazine music page.  A few years back, they were doing their year-end music round up and all the dude could talk about was how awesome this album was.  I decided to take him at his word, and was glad I did.

If you like DJ Shadow or DJ Krush…or any kind of downtempo beatmaking (Blockhead, old Nightmares on Wax, Jon Kennedy) then this is for you.  See, for the genre, one has to wade through a lot of poseurs and fuck sticks before you come across anything of worth.

And DJ Frane is worth it.  The best part of writing this blog and researching the artists is that you learn new things. I learned that DJ Frane lives here in jolly old Los Angeles and sometime plays at Carbon in Culver City.  Good to know since it’s near my house.  He started mixing and DJing in his teens and dropped his first album “Frane’s Fantastic Boat Ride: Beats to Blaze To Volume 1” in 1999.  Apparently someone at Good Vibe records heard his work and suggested me make a whole album of it.

In a world where sample based music has mostly drifted away on currents of legal woes, Frane keeps it going with real artistry and a lot of live intrumentalization (He plays guitar and keys as well.)  He likes his stuff to be less samples and more sound collage and there fore gives your ears a nice workout.  It’s really good chill out and smoking music as the title implies…with lots of jazzy, psychedelic touches.  Try out my favorite ‘Synethisia’ to see what I mean.

After that, try the Black Sabbath sampling opening track…if you’re not hooked by then, then I can’t help you in this post.  But be on the lookout for his newest album “Journey to the Planet of the Birds.”


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  1. May 20, 2009 at 6:58 am

    Solid article:D Will come back again.

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