Sam Sparro – ST

My house has kind of become DJ central these days, at least amongst my friends. Andrew has a nice set up at his place, but mine is the one with Serato…which everyone wants to use so there you have it.  My friend B-Dog showed up on Monday night itching to give it a try and I was happy to oblige.

At first I had him practice on my rig, because I have thousands of songs on there, but eventually he wanted to plug in his Mac Book and give that a whirl. This would have been ok if not for his selection. As it turns out B-Dog, who DJs a little more often then I do, had only bought his laptop recently and had only used it for only one gig.  That gig was a birthday party for a six year old girl. 

What B-Dog was doing DJing a party for a six year old girl, I may never know.

Needless to say, his music folder contained a lot of Hannah Montana and (shudder) The Cheetah Girls.  I started browsing the Internet for porn …content to allow B the opportunity to play around a bit when, unexpectedly, something good came on.

Something real good.

As I’ve said in the past, I don’t expect too much from other people’s crates, but I spun around in my chair, turning away from the porn.

“What is this?”

“This” was Sam Sparro. and if you haven’t heard of him yet, I have no doubt  that you will soon because the kid has talent. Born in Australia in 1982, Sam Falson (“Sparro” was a family nickname) discovered his talent for singing after the family moved to Los Angeles in 1993.  His father Chris,a gospel preacher and musician, was at work on a soul album at the time and introduced Sam to the genre through a church in Tujunga. 

Aside from his singing, Sam soon got work acting in commercials and radio.

In the late nineties he headed back to Australia for a short time before moving in with some cousins in England.  He immersed himself in the music scene, but couldn’t stay…returning to Los Angeles in 2002 and finding work at a coffee shop.  It was then that he began writing the songs that would become his debut  album.

His sound is somewhere between Justin Timberlake and The Scissor Sisters…with a dash of Justice style electro to boot.  Really juicy…as you can hear on his second single ‘Black and Gold’ or his 2007 single ‘Cottonmouth.’ It’s a good bit of music to fill out a dancefloor or make you hit the stairmaster with a good bit of soul inflected intensity.

I wish I had more juicy tidbits for you, but that’s the problem with these new kids…they’re still new.  He’s openly gay, but I hardly think an openly gay musician is news these days. 

Oh!  He’s writing some songs for Lindsey Lohan’s new album!  Wait…no…that’s not a good thing is it?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  But in the meantime, I recommend this debut as a sign of good things to come.

Get it while you can!


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