Jive Bunny and The Mastermixers – The Album

Sorry I missed posting this last week, but I had a friend in town and we went out on Thursday night…till 2:30 in the morning.  At least that’s when I passed out.  Drew and Pete went home and drank Harvey Wallbangers till 4:30.

The point is that very little got done on Friday.

One of the hardest parts of DJing is the time constraint’s.  If you think about it, you have to be ready to do something awesome and delicate every three or four minutes…which leaves little time for conversations or anything else.

Like peeing for instance.

I once got stuck in a corner of a house party with about 150 people around my booth, and I was really considering turning around and peeing out the window the urge was so bad. Even though I had a track to throw on that was five and a half minutes long, it left me with only five and a half minutes to fight my way through the crowd, fight my way to the front of the bathroom line, pee and get back through the crowd to my booth.

It was a close one, but in the future I made sure to pack a good supply of medleys when I went to a gig.

Medley = Pee Pee time.

Drew has an awesome collection of records called “Stars On 45,” where they take all the Beatles, Rolling Stones or Fifties hits and have some sound-alike band re-record them into a seamless medley.  I’m not sure how many of these records they made, but I think they stopped around the eighties.  The last hurrah for this strange little genre came with the inception of “Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers: The Album.”

Truthfully, this is kind of a novelty record, but it’s exceptional in it’s selection and execution. Just listen to my favorite ‘Do You Wanna Rock’ above and see if your answer isn’t “Yes!”  Besides, Jive Bunny was the first ‘novelty” album to turn out three number one singles in a year. The idea started at the Mastermix DJ service in the UK, when Les Hemstock came up with the concept. The execution and management were left to the father son team of Andy and John Pickles.

Drawing from a large amount of original material instead of sound alike bands, the Pickles created a series of concise and elegantly designed medleys structured mainly around the Glenn Miller Big Band sound, like their hit ‘Swing The Mood’ but also dig deeply into fifties pop and classic rock as well.

When all the other DJs were digging for black music, Jive Bunny began to mine the depths of the pale face genre…and found something awesome.  It’s pretty easy to listen to it now and see where the techniques would eventually become mash-ups or B-More remixes. Either way, it’s a good little history lesson that shouldn’t be missed.


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