Kruder and Dorfmeister – The G-Stoned EP


I’d like to take some time today to bring to your attention an issue of great importance. I’m speaking, of course, about men’s locker room etiquette.

Since joining the gym four years ago, the locker room has been my least favorite place to visit for one simple reason…male nudity.  Now, I know that in a locker room where people are dressing, undressing and showering that nudity is pretty much a given…but the population at my gym seems to be split in to two sides: those who do their business and get out, and those who feel the need to parade around the room buck naked for as long as possible.

I’m speaking of the guy in his fifties who was sitting on a bench, both legs pulled up and spread as he talked on the cell phone. (I had to douse my eyes in boiling water after that one)  The guy talking to his friend while violently scratching his balls.  The dude who felt the need to take care of all his toiletry needs without any clothes on.  I ask you why?

I can only assume some kind of sado-exhibitionism.

“Ha Ha world!  Here’s my hairy balls!  Take that!”

At least wrap a towel around yourselves.  The rest of us aren’t that interested in scoping out your junk.

But now we move on to two men who won’t walk around naked for no reason, Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister and their classic 1993 EP “G-Stoned.”

It was the Austrian duo’s first offering to the music world, and they did come out with guns blazing…albeit a downtempo loungy blaze.  Their album cover can be lauded for both it’s nod to the classic Simon and Garfunkle “Bookends” album as well as their own cheeky belief that they were destined to become classics in their own right.

But K&D weren’t kidding, and they have become classics. The thing that bothers me the most though is that they are better known for their remixes and DJ sets than they are for their skills at production.  With “G-Stoned” they pretty much just threw those skills down on the table, much like the hairy old men at my gym, and said “Take that!”

It isn’t every day that someone makes an album that people refer to as genre defining,(God knows I wish it would happen more often) but K&D did it here with a collection of songs that are simple and timeless.  This is an album for a rainy day, a quiet afternoon, or a good evening of getting busy.

Since the release of the EP, the duo have gone on to make some awesome albums including their installment of the DJ Kicks series as well as their anthology of remixes, “The K&D Sessions.”  Also worth checking out are Dorfmeister’s incredible series of albums under the name Tosca, and Peter Kruders work as Peace Orchestra.


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