Imam Baildi – ST


Whew!  The holidays are finally over and it’s time to get back to music…more notably Imam Baildi.

Unfortunately they are both new, and from another country so there isn’t that much information out there about them. So for the time being I’ll regale you with a little tale I call:


First, a little background on me.  I’m the last of three kids and my sisters are 8 and 10 years older than me.  They’re both married and they both have kids…the exact opposite of myself.  Between them they have eight kids so when you include my parents, that’s 14 family members to buy gifts for.

Now, I like giving gifts as much as recieving and I put a lot of effort into my gift choices.  On the Chistmas in question, I dropped well over $300 on my family and only asked for one gift…a Lomo camera.  That’s it!  That’s all I wanted, and all they had to get me…and if they didn’t know what else to get me they could simply ask.  Simple, huh?



First let me tell you how much I hate the “family gift.”  That’s where I buy 5-7 gifts for every member of a family, and they give me one gift from all of them in return.  This is a rip off.  Not that I expect the 3 year old to get me a gift, but when you hear what i got you’ll understand my fury.

So Christmas Eve arrives and we go to open presents.  My oldest sister, who has five kids, hands me a package to open.  It’s a pair of Santa Clause boxers that play “Jingle Bells” when you push Santa’s nose.  She felt this was hilarious, but I had to retrain myself from smacking her in the face.  Wearing those hideous boxers would only ensure I never got laid.  I dropped over $100 on her whole family and I get a $9 pair of underwear?!?!  One crappy gift down.

My other sister hands me a box excitedly and begs me to open it.  It’s a bright teal Mickey Mouse bowling shirt…with all the Disney characters embroidered all over it. “I saw this and immediately thought of you!” she said.  I thank her, but in my head I’m screaming “WHY?!?!? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ME WEAR ANYTHING DISNEY…OR TEAL FOR THAT MATTER???  I’M TWENTY NINE YEARS OLD!!!”  I toss it into the pile.

Next I open my Mom’s gift.  It’s a photography book.  A photography book called “Prominent Feminist Figures of the 20th Century.”  WTF?  Seriously?

“I saw this on sale at Costco!” my mom chirped (she loves Costco) “You like photography, right?”  I aknowleged that I did, but asked her if she happened to notice that it was photographs of hairy women…I was getting pissed.  My Dad came through with the only redeeming gift, a box set of  The Ernie Kovacs Show…which was fucking awesome.  But then I look around and notice that there’s nothing else in my pile.  Where’s the Lomo camera I asked for?

“Oh…” my Mom says “We figured you could just go get it yourself.”

I nearly pitched a fit.  My Mom gave me a lecture about sounding ungrateful.  I told her I was ungrateful because all I got was crap.  Everything I got that year got thrown in the trash (except the Ernie Kovacs Vids…my Dad keeps his standing as a good gift giver) and from then on I decided to get everyone cheap gifts because anything else wasn’t worth it.

A few years later, my family adjusted the rules so now I only have to get stuff for everyone’s kids.  It’s easier, but now I get nothing in return…except from my parents who have since learned their lesson and at least get me the one thing I ask for.

Now, back to Imam Baildi who take their name from a baked eggplant dish.  I discovered them while searching for something completely different (porn) and was immediately struck by how well they mixed traditional Greek folk music off of old 78’s with electronic and hip hop beats.  It’s a simple formula, but a lot of simple formulas have been screwed up over the years, so you got to give them credit.

My good friend Becky is Greek and I gave it to her to play for her Grandma and Aunt.  It ended up as an old lady dance party at her house…and I expect it would spark a kind of dance party anywhere.  Whether its the moody ‘Samba Clarina’  you see above, or the intensely catchy  ‘O Pasatempos’ on top, Imam Baildi shows that the recipe started by St Germain can easily be applied to all kinds of world music.

Their CD is awesome, but they apparently have a limited edition 12 out there where they mashup their stuff with Jay-Z and the Beastie Boys. (Hit me up if you have a digital copy of this BTW!!!) You can check out their MySpace page or look for their music on the web.

I hope we see more of this kind of shit in the future.

Happy New Year!


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