Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Dark Night Of The Soul

danger2So, it’s been busy lately and now I’m in Chicago…which is an awesome city BTW and you should go there if you have a chance.  But now I have heartburn and I’m tired and my feet hurt.

I think it had something to do with me leaving my sneakers at home.  Of course I did not notice this until I got here, so I figured I would wear my flip flops around until I found a shoe store and everything would be cool


First day out downtown the top leather part of my sandal (the part that actually holds your foot the the sole) rips off two block into my adventure.  Luckily an kind hearted parking attendant saw this happen and tried to fix them with a needle and thread…until he saw the damage.

“This…” he says “I cannot fix.”

Great, but he did hand me a fist full of rubber bands and I was able to walk with some normality with the sole rubberbanded to my foot.  I just looked like a crackhead.  So by sheer luck I find a sneaker store and use the excuse to grab a new pair of Nikes.  “It’ll be hell breaking those in!” says Maria.  I wave her off like a dummy because who needs to break in sneakers?  Apparently I do…especially when I’m walking my ass all over town.  My feet feel like 20lbs of hamburger right now and I think I’m gonna burn these shoes out of revenge.

But what makes me feel much better right now if the new collaboration between the always awesome Danger Mouse and the always awesome Sparklehorse called “Dark Night of the Soul.”

I think it was John Lennon who said “Music belongs to everyone…it’s only the record companies that think they own it.”  I think that’s pretty right on but I want artists to get paid somehow…which is why I just link to sites you can buy the music from.  But sometimes I come across great music that I think people should hear only to find it’s out of print, ridiculously expensive, or simply has never been released.  When that happens, you might find a link buried somewhere that could possibly lead you to said music. Because I believe not making these things available does no one any good.  And it looks like Danger Mouse feels the same way.

Word began to filter down about the album back in March…and I was stoked to hear it.  I mean, you had me at Danger Mouse and Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse.  Then I heard more names…like Iggy Pop, The Flaming Lips, Julian Casablancas…and David Lynch!

David Lynch???  He did the art work for the liner notes, which just ups the awesome by 100%.

But then the ass hats at EMi had some sort of beef.  What with?  No one is saying, but they decided not to release the album for legal reasons.  But Danger Mouse wasn’t gonna just sit and take it.  He wanted the music to be heard.

So he makes a website! He makes a website you can go to and buy the jewel case and all the Lynchian artwork and it comes with a blank CD-R.  On the inside is a little label that says: ‘For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.'”

If thats not an album that everyone should own, I don’t know what is.  I listened to it the other day and I’m pleased to report it is awesome.

If you click on the top link, it’ll take you to the NPR site where you can hear the stream of the entire album…or you might want to browse a P2P site or two.  Who knows, “someone” may have leaked it!


1 Response to “Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Dark Night Of The Soul”

  1. 1 Sam Taylor
    February 4, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Nooo! When I saw this site the first thing that popped into my head was “why don’t I recommend Dark Night of the Soul. It would be perfect!” then I saw you beat me too it… while my brilliant suggestion is useless you have an AMAZING taste in music!!!

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