Michael Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steven Stills – Super Session 69

I know its been a while, but I kind of figured I had finished my list…and set out to compile new awesomeness.

This takes a long time obviously, and this was the album that got me.

Michale Bloomfield was a blues guitar master who worked with Bob Dylan and The Butterfield Blues Band when he hooked up with Dylan producer Al Kooper in May of 68 to lay down some studio tacks ove the course of two days.  The first batch of track are from that magical first day when Bloomfield really laid it down.

Then he failed to show up for day two.  He was on a lot of drugs at the time and they would eventually cause his death in 1981.

Kooper hastily called in Steven Stills to help finish the album, which he graciously did. His work fleshes out the second half of the album and it rocks just as hard as Bloomfields work.

So if you like Blues, Rock…or any combination of the two this is for you.  Every damn track.  Period.

Only $8 on Amazon! 



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