Greg Wilson – Random Influences

Okay so this isn’t an album,…but since this is my blog I can change the rules however I see fit.

And this project makes me see fit.

Greg Wilson is one of my favorite DJs/Producers in the world.  He has an ear for the beat that I just can’t touch and his crates are deep.  Well, they should be since he just turned 50 this year.  And how does the greatest DJ ever celebrate his 50th birthday?  By creating Random Influences, a nonstop mix of all his favorite 7inch singles from the 60s and 70s!

But, see, Greg didn’t just make one mix.  He made twelve.  That’s twelve mixes that clock in at about 2 hours each…which equals 24 hours of heaven.  Motown…check.  Rock n roll?  Check.  UK Ska…you betcha!  It’s all here.  Originally he put them all up on Soundcloud (which, if you like new music and haven’t visited this site yet…shame on you), but soon received the dreaded take down notices for mixes #3 and #12 over some shitty copyright trolling.

So, if you wanted to go and download the other ten mixes, they are still up on Greg’s Soundcloud page.  If you listen to music at work and are aloud to stream, Greg also created this page where you can stream all twelve.  What a guy!  I also recommend his personal site for all manner of musical knowledge.

Listening to this mix series is like finding the greatest radio station in the world that plays all day and has no commercials. So if you love classic tunes, many of which are not the “overplayed on the radio” types, then this is for you.

UPDATE:  Now up for free on Itunes HERE!!!


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