Eastbound and Down – OST

So it appears I am back again, for the time being, as the writing seems to agree with me and fight off malaise.

The reason I skipped out was that was becoming too much of a chore to write these really long in depth posts and do all the research and whatnot.  Then I kind of realized that I didn’t have to write long posts.  In fact, the rest of the ADD population would probably be okay with it too.

So in the future, the posts may be shorter, but the albums will be no less essential.

I don’t know if you  have seen Eastbound and Down, Jody Hill and Danny McBride’s show about a washout MLB pitcher…but you should. If you don’t have HBO, you should buy the DVDs or simply download the episodes off a torrent site like the rest of the world.

But, aside from the fact that is was some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen on TV, it also had some of the most expertly chosen music I’ve ever seen put on a TV show.  I’ve searched the interwebs high and low for the name of the individual responsible for this picking, but so far I’ve come up with nothing except a vague reference to Wayne Kramer.  If he was the man, then kudos to you Wayne!  If it was someone else,  then someone please post his name in the comment section so I can send him beer in the mail because…damn!

Yes…this song is on the soundtrack.

Aside from some monstrous blues riffs like Freddie King’s – Going Down and R.L. Burnside’s – Let My Baby Ride, the musical selection jumps all over …from The Black Keys to Canadian rockers April Wine.  Where Trentemoller and Spank Rock sit beside Lee Hazlewood  and Kenny Rogers.  If you see them used on the show, every song hits the mood perfectly.  If you just pop in the soundtrack, you’re left with a no less enjoyable trip down eclectic lane.   And if you don’t own any music from these artists, you can pop this in at your next gathering and look like a real music geek.

Unfortunately, HBO and the guys from the show never got around to compiling or releasing this soundtrack.  Why, I’ll never know?

Thank God for the internets, but mostly a shout out to Robot from Drunk on Dreams who was the first to answer my prayers by doing what HBO didn’t.

Note: All the links on his sharebee post are down… 😦

Luckily nothing really dies on the internet, so you can just torrent the fuck out of  this soundtrack HERE.

As and extra bonus, you can DL the season two soundtrack as well (Thanks to Percy Dovetonsils over at the Bastards Blog!!!) It’s even longer and more badass, and with a lot of awesome latin tunes that I recommend just as highly.

It’s too bad this wasn’t given a proper release, but at least you can still get it anyways.


2 Responses to “Eastbound and Down – OST”

  1. 1 punk mexico
    February 20, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    is there a way someone upload torrents of these soundtracks?

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