The J.B.’s – Funky Good Time Anthology

jbsThese days you’d think business’s would be falling over them selves to take your money, especially with the American economy in the shitter.  Alas my experiences with another home improvement store have proven me wrong yet again.

So my girlfriend and I head down to Irvine at the end of May to finally purchase the new vanity set I wanted from The Great Indoors.  I tell the sales guy I have cash and I’m ready to buy,  which I figure will be music to his ears.  He takes down a list of my products and disappears in back.  A half an hour later he’s looking at the computer and telling me he can’t find any of the pieces I want and asks if I can just come back later in the week.

Irvine is no where near close to my house, so he agrees to call me a few days later.  He doesn’t.  I call his worthless ass and he tells me they don’t have any of the pieces I want.

“Anywhere???” I ask.

“Nope” he says.

So now I figure this pathetic excuse for a salesman probably hates his job and doesn’t care about anyone or anything.  So I decide to go online.  Order from the website and let the central warehouse take care of things, but apparently this was problematic for the company as well.

It’s been just about a month now since I placed that order, and still no product.  From what I can tell, no one at the company has any idea what they have or where they have it…and if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m obsessively compulsive about getting what I want, I haven’t canceled the order yet.


(UPDATE: I canceled it.  Go Lowes!)

Speaking of getting everything you want, do you want some James Brown?

Of course you do…you’re only human.

But the Godfather has so many albums and collections, it’s hard to know where to start.  Thankfully the folks at Polygram Records realized this was a problem back in 1995 and decided that instead of focusing on James (too easy) they should focus on what was undeniably his funkiest and most badass backing band of all time.  I give you The J.B.’s – Funky Good Time Anthology.

That isn’t to say James doesn’t appear on this collection, because his voice and his fingerprints are all over this collection which covers mostly the band’s early 1970’s sounds.  But it also goes beyond that to include a lot of rarities (James TV show theme song ‘Future Shock!’) and material from band members side outfits like Maceo and The Macks or The Last Word.

This is funk in it’s purest form.  Although vocals appear on a great many of these tracks, the majority is instrumental and what a collection of instrumentals it is.  I dug deep into the vaults of youtube to try and give you the best idea of what you’ll find in Funky Good Time, but nothing can really do it justice.

Go get it people!!!

And keep an eye out!


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