the doors – live in hollywood 1969

So, the other week I got my best friend a thank you gift for inviting my fiance and me to Hawaii.  It was the early 90’s vinyl release of Yard Boy Ten’s – Play It Fire 12.”  It is super rare (only 500 were pressed) and no one to my knowledge has ever digitized it, and Drew has been searching for a cpoy for ten years.  So I snagged a copy off some kid in Germany.

So the German kid mails if off to me, but sends it Deutch Post…which would be fine except for the fact that the whole website is in German and I can’t figure out how to track the package. No biggie, I figure.  It’ll get here when it gets here.

A week and a half later, I get a note in my mailbox.  “Dear Resident…blah blah blah, Sorry we missed you…blah blah.  Please pick up your package at the Post Office.

Sounds good, right?  So I head to the Post Office, receipt in hand, to pick it up,  I hand the guy behind the counter the slip and he disappears in back to find it.  Ten minutes later he reappears.

“I can’t find it.”

“What do you mean you can’t find it?”

He shrugs and tells me it’s not there, and suggests I call the central Postal annex.  I do, and I talk to the supervisor who says “Why are you calling us?  We don’t hold packages.”

I leave my name and phone number with the guy and wait. After three days , I check again and he still can’t find it.  Now I’m really pissed.  Not only have they lost the gift, but they lost a RARE gift that took me ten years to find!!!  I call the post master and leave a message, but she never calls me back.

Finally, in desperation, I leave a note for my mail carrier. While she doesn’t know where it is, she suggests I try the Marina Del  Rey Post Office.

I head over there the next day. The lady there listens to my story, but insists that the package isn’t there. She repeats over and over in broken English that anything that shows up there for another city gets sent back.  I beg her to check anyways.  She sighs and trundles off into the back.  Lo and behold, she returns two minutes later with my package.

“Here it is. I saw this the other day and set it aside…and then I forgot about it…ha ha!”

Very funny motherfucker.  So the moral is fuck the post office.  If they lose your shit, you got to find it your self.

Speaking of great  finds, you gotta go grab this recording of The Doors – Live in Hollywood, 1969. (Note: This is the Aquarius Theater recordings and not the Live at the Hollywood Bowl show)

Now, I have a few live Doors shows and most of them are okay…so when I saw this I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down.  That is until I heard it.  Culled from the legendary July 69 performances that gave us many recognizable live recordings of the Doors like “Universal Mind” and “You Make Me Real.”

This was only a month after Jim’s famous Miami incident where he supposedly exposed himself to an out of control audience…so at the time you never knew if you’d get one of the best shows of your life or a massive riot.  This show was not one of the riots though, and the band is so ON, it’s amazing.  Opening with a searing rendition of “Back Door Man” and finishing with a twelve minute rendition of “Light My Fire” this is THE live Doors album to own.

Hell, this is The Doors album to own period.

It’s only $11 on Amazon (on import) which isn’t bad…


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