Music Sites Everyone Should Visit

Yeah, it’s just my opinion…so you can take it or leave it.

A lot of folks ask me where I find all the music in my collection.  I usually tell them “the Internets” because I’m a firm believer that anyone with a decent connection and access to Google can pretty much find anything…if they’re persistent enough.

But some folks need a head start.

Anyways…Do you like live music?  I’ll assume you do and maybe you’d like to listen to some live shows.

Some folks will point you to Wolfgang’s Vault…which is okay if that’s how you like to roll.  It’s good stuff , if you are on the computer all day and never go places that don’t have internet.

The real players go to Sugarmegs.  You can stream, you can look up the set lists and you can download if you want.  This place is the bomb!  Go now so you can act like you knew all along.

That’s how I roll.


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