tony joe white – the train i’m on

Is it really the end of June already?

It must be, because the fog it finally going away here in Los Angeles…which is a good time to introduce you to some wicked blue eyed soul from my favorite man, Tony Joe White.

Born and raised in Oak Grove Louisiana, Tony Joe was raised on blues, country and cajun music.  He formed his first band in his teens, and had his first (and probably only) mainstream hit in 1969 with “Polk Salad Annie.”  It was a rousing soulful tune that would later be covered by Elvis and Tom Jones.  His sound is easily summed up by the man himself, who calls it swamp rock.    “The Train I’m On” is probably my favorite of his albums and criminally under-appreciated.


Recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama, the album oozes southern feel.  This is the Tony Joe album that covers the most of his styles and influences (as the videos here will attest)…from crooning ballads, country soul  to stanky stompers, it has it all.  The only bad thing about this album is how few people are aware that it exists.

Or even that Tony Joe exists.

Tony released a lot of albums in the late sixties and seventies, but backed away from the scene after some failed attempts to mix his style with disco and basically sat out the 80s, before staging a comeback in the 90’s with the help of Producer Roger Davies.  He is currently touring and recording on Hip-O Records.  I recommend digging up as much of his stuff as you possibly can.  He has recently been discovered by the re-editors and re-mixers who have come up with some awesome sauce reworking of his tracks like this!

The CD goes for around $30 on amazon, although you can download all the mp3’s for around $10.


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