peter green’s fleetwood mac – fleetwood mac

So, I’m still unemployed…which gives me lots of time to blog. (yay!)

And I started school again,  which at least helps focus my time as I work towards my degree in restaurant management, and signals the return of semester breaks…which is what I am on right now. So let the writing  and drinking commence!

When you think of Fleetwood Mac, you usually think of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks…but the story actually starts long before their arrival with guitarist Peter Green from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers…who was originally brought in to replace Eric Clapton.  When Green left the Bluesbreakers, he started playing with Mick Fleetwood in two different bands.  He wanted to start a new band, and he really wanted John McVie on bass…so much so that he called this new band Fleetwood Mac.

You’ll find no cocaine rock here.  No gypsy ballads, no string section…  What you will find is a masterpiece of the British Blues scene. A no frills journey from classic covers to inspired original works.  I also recommend the next two albums (“Mr Wonderful” and “The Pious Bird of Good Omen”) which are both rooted in the same tradition.  They even came out with a boxed set that has all three… if you’re down.

Available for download or purchase from Amazon for about $10…not bad!  But I have seen digital copies floating around… if you were to Google it.


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