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songs everyone should own: bobby gentry – ode to billy joe

This is on my list of songs that I couldn’t possibly live without.

It’s soul, it’s country…it’s folksy and funky. But mostly I love it for telling a story without really telling a story.

I wish more artists could be as subtle.

If you like this, go track down more!  Ms Gentry’s got a lot of awesome under-appreciated hits.


songs everyone should own: junip – without you

I’ve always like Jose Gonzales because his work reminds me so much of Nick Drake.

He newest side project, Junip is no exception.  Beautiful stuff.

Loved the use of this one for the HBO trailer for Inception.


songs everyone should own: jerry reed – i feel for you

A lot of people only know Jerry Reed as the man who made the theme song from Smokey and the Bandit, “Eastbound and Down.”

A lot of people need to dig deeper.


mixes everyone should hear: colm k – beats, rhymes and features

If you’re like me, you really miss the old Tribe Called Quest…but a reunion is probably out of the question.

This is almost as good as a reunion, DJ Colm K drops a serious mix of Q Tip productions, rarities and guest spots into this nice little treat.

Grab it now for your summer time party tune collection!


amy winehouse – the ska ep

So I’m sure by now everyone in the world has heard the news that they found Amy’s body this morning…and her name is now added to the list of other rock stars who died at age 27.

While I was always a fan of her music, Amy appeared to have lost touch with her happiness in the past few years as her addiction slowly ate up her life.  I had high hopes that her recent release from rehab and new tour would signal a turning point in her career and her return to the music scene. Then came the news of her stumbling on stage and unable to remember her lyrics and I had a sinking feeling that her fight was far from over.

Sometimes really talented people can come back from things like this.  Like Keith Richards who seemed to be able to survive just about anything.  But sometimes they just end up losing the battle.

It’s just sad.

Born into a Jewish family in north London, Amy had shown musical talent at an early age.  She released her debut album Frank in 2003 to positive critical reviews as she adopted the style of the Ronettes and the sound of the sixties girl groups…but with a modern voice that drew comparisons to Sarah Vaughn.   But she really hit the scene with her hit 2007 album Back to Black, which spawned a slew of inescapable hits like “You Know I’m No Good,” “Back to Black” and the now ironic “Rehab.”

Soon after the success had catapulted her into the spotlight, the drugs and bad friends began to push her toward the abyss.

But somewhere in between, 2 Soul records managed to release this neat little EP of Amy singing some great ska covers.  Criminally under-released as 200 copies on vinyl, it was a powerful pop treat that seemed to catch the now eternally somber and intoxicated Miss Winehouse in a moment of happiness.  Singing ska tunes that might have been inspired by her punk sensabilities.

That’s how I’d like to remember her.

Since it was never commercially released, check it out here.

Oh…and found this too…


songs everyone should own:the walker brothers – the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore

I always find it amazing how many choice cuts from the 60’s have fallen through the The Walker Brothers 1966 hit single The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore.

They just don’t make songs like this anymore.


mixes everyone should hear: leftside wobble – in todd we trust

This is Leftside Wobble’s tribute mix to Nordic super producer Todd Terje. If you don’t know who Todd Terje is, then this is an excellent primer on a man with a truly gifted ear.

If you don’t know who Leftside Wobble is you should check out his blog or his Soundcloud page and start catching up.

I just gave you not one…but two hits of pure gold here people, get to it.


Willow Band – Willowman (Todd Terje Edit)
Claudja Barry – I Wanna Dance (TangoTerge Edit)
Michael Jackson – Can’t Help It (TangoTerje Edit)
Paul Simon – Diamonds (Todd Terje Dub)
Crusaders – My Lady (TangoTerje Edit)
Kaoru Inoue – The Secret Field (Todd Terje Remix)
Dolle Jolle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje Remix)
Chaz Jankel – Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit)
Chic – I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit)
America – Horse With Know Name (Todd Terje Edit)



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