dangermouse vs jay z – the grey album

So Carmaggedon came and went and was as underwhelming as you would expect an event to be when it doesn’t even remotely live up to the hype.  Everyone listened to the warnings and stayed home in droves.  If it was up to me, Id have a Carmaggedon every month.  Seems like a good way to get people to slow down here in LA and get their collective shit together.

But moving on to this weeks offering, I bring you the now legendary 2004 bootleg of DJ Dangermouse’s – The Grey Album.

For this album to happen, a couple of stars needed to align at the right time.  First and foremost was Jay Z’s decision to not only release the Black Album…but to release the whole thing as an accapella album as well.  In the past, different artists had released accapellas of singles here and there, but this was unprecedented.  At the time the mash up craze was also going on and DJ Dangermouse had a brainstorm of mixing the Beatles – The White Album with Jay Z’s – The Black Album…and The Grey Album was born.

But The Beatles catalog was a sampling no no.  It was expensive to get the right to even a single bit of Beatle, let alone a whole album.  So Dangermouse took his tracks and his gigantic set of balls and just released the damn thing.  Initially put out as a limited run available only at a select set of internet distributors, the album took off like a rocket and became one of the top ten albums of 2004.

EMI sent a cease and desist letter, but the cat was already out of the bag…and once something is on the internet it’s really hard to make it go away.

But where most artists would have just made a simple Beatles loop, added some beats and threw Jay Z over the top, Dangermouse’s work went far deeper on production.  He took bits and pieces from all over the sprawling White Album and created something new and wonderful…you can tell this was not a slapped together one off.   It’s a welcome addition to any collection, be they Beatles fans or Jay Z’s fan.

Better yet, you can download the fucker HERE.  Thanks internets…and the always fabulous Archive.org!


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