mixes everyone should hear: dj zak hamburg – music for grown ups

If you’re like me and were born in the seventies, then this mix should tied you over nicely.  DJ Zak Hamburg and the AOR disco team bring you an hour and forty-two minutes of seventies, eighties and nineties remixes and edits for hungry ears.

It’s a nice way to welcome the coming of fall.  Check the set list.

1. tame impala – solitude is bliss (the time & space machine remix)
2. dark captain light captain – questions (hatchback’s multiple choice dub)
3. le sale – ohnobono (still haven’t edited what i’m looking for)
4. white elephant – sir john (mark E remix)
5. little river band – light of day (two mamarrachos edit)
6. black sabbath – planet caravan (dj steef edit)
7. blondie – heart of glass (phantom & hold’s glass heart edit)
8. led zeppelin – no quarter (eleventhirtyeight edit)
9. fleetwood mac – sara (bobby lost & fear of theydon’s lost baghwan mix)
10. pink floyd – the wall (rayko balearic edit)
11. faith no more – midlife crisis (virgin magnetic material remix)
12. pixies – where is my mind (young edits balearic anxiety mix)
13. lindsay buckingham / fleetwood mac – big love (appo’s bigger love edit)
14. captain beefheart – observatory crest (fear of theydon’s indian summer dub)
15. the popes – bastards (mudd’s moule frite mix)
16. nine inch nails – closer (virgin magnetic material remix)

Free download too…which always makes me happy. Grab it HERE.


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