ike & tina turner – the soul of ike and tina & dynamite

So the other week I decided to open an ING savings account, because…who doesn’t want to earn 1% interest on their money.  I gotta say it was a mistake.

After closing my savings account and transferring my cash to my checking account, I filled out their online forms and waited for the go ahead to transfer my money over.  A few days went by and …nothing happened.

I got worried and called to find out what the deal was, and was informed by the Customer Service rep that while my routing number was fine, my account number was invalid.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time deciphering the hieroglyphics on the bottom of my check as it is.  So I asked the guy which number, specifically that he needed.  He told me it was all the numbers after the routing number (I had originally only given them the last five.)  I gave him the new number, he said it should all be kosher in a day or two, and I waited.

When nothing happened four days later, I called again.  I talked to another rep who I went over the same info with and he said it was all fixed and would be ready in a few days.  WRONG!!!

Jump ahead four days later when there is still no activity.  I call ING again (notice that I’m doing all the contacting.)  This time the  rep tells me my account has been deleted, and she goes to find out why.  The next thing I know I’m talking to some harpy who informs me that my account number was still invalid and that ING would be terminating any business they had with me.  I protested that all I wanted to do was give them my money, she insisted that they had tried to contact me about this issue…which was a lie because no one from ING ever tried to contact me!!!  EVER!

So I guess ING doesn’t need your money.  Fuck ING!!!  <<<That’s the moral of my story.  Fuck them right in their fucking asses!!! And fuck their customer service too…

Now on to things that are far more awesome, I give you this sparkling reissue of two of Ike and Tina Turners most bad ass albums…The Soul of Ike and Tina and Dynamite.  First of all I gotta say I’m loving these two for one package deals.  It’s nice that someone finally realized that a CD can hold over an hour’s worth of music and anything less was a waste of space.  As a bonus they even threw in five bonus tracks to round it all out!  These two gems from 1960 and 1962 catch Ike and Tina doing what they do best…producing some of the most high energy, gritty, dark, funky southern music.

What makes it even better was that the two original albums weren’t even recorded as albums.  These were just compilations of their many hit singles of the day, so you don’t get the typical handful of hits with a bunch of filler.  You get ALL HITS.  And when it comes to Ike and Tina, this is exactly where you want to be. It’s also got the world famous Ikkettes on back up too! It’s got the kind of musical power on it like “Worried and Hurtin Inside,” “Letter from Tina ” and “I Had a Notion” guaranteed to make you the hero of the next soul BBQ you attend.

I’ve listened to this collection at least ten times since I discovered it a month or two ago.  If any of this sounds good the folks at Emd also gave the same treatment to another two early sixties albums with:Ike and Tina Turner Don’t Play Me Cheap / It’s Gonna Work Out Fine.  So if this album gave you an ear boner, you’ll definitely blow your audio load over the other one too.

Only $9 on amazon for the downloadable version!  But if you google the fucker you might find it cheaper…or free.  Just sayin.


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