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how to find music on the internet: chapter two

Now that we have seen the best way to use your search engine, lets move on to our next, and shortest chapter.



A lot of people use legal ways of procuring music.  It’s really not hard to head over to Itunes, Amazon, Beatport or any number of music sites that offer music for reasonable prices.  I, for one, am quite happy that if I want a certain track I can just go grab it for around a buck.  It certainly beats the old days of having to buy a whole CD full of crap just to get the one nugget you wanted.  Plus, by using the legal method you protect yourself from liability.  While the music companies haven’t started breaking down peoples doors quite yet, that hasn’t kept them from trying to enact legislation that would make that a possibility.


If you are looking for music that is:

A. Obscure

B. Out of print

C. Only released on vinyl

Then you are shit outta luck, because most of the legal sites will not have it.  And it is times like these that you will have to go elsewhere to find what you need.


songs everyone should own: supermax – love machine

When I first heard this track, I actually thought it was something modern…a dark, funky electronic piece by some new group, which I think is a testament to how far ahead of their time Supermax was.

All I know is this is the kind of disco I hold up in people’s faces when they say that disco was awful.

“See!!! What the fuck do you think about this then, Mr Smarty Pants?!?!”

After that, they generally nod thoughtfully and say “…okay, you got me on this one.”




there is a new dj pogo mix up!

DJ POGO has a new video up, this time turning his attention to the Stanley Kubrick/ Steven Speilberg collaboration “A.I.”

While the movie was flawed, this composition is not. In fact, it’s hauntingly beautiful.


songs everyone should own: lesale – oh no bono


If you like old U2, and why shouldn’t you, then you definitely need this awesome instrumental reworking Lesale did of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Originally created a few months back, he tried shopping it to a few labels, but no one would touch it. Their loss is our gain!


songs everyone should own: charles mingus – haitian fight song

There are a lot of different versions of “Haitian Fight Song” floating around out there, but none of them seem to have the same power or immediacy of the original off his 1957 album “The Clown.”

Mingus said ” It has a folk spirit, the kind of folk music I’ve always heard anyway.[…] My solo in it it’s a deeply concetrated one. I can’t play it right unless I’m thinking about prejudice and persecution, and how unfair is it. There’s sadness and cries in it, but also determination. And it usually ends with my feeling ‘I told them! I hope somebody heard me!'”

Anyways, you should buy a shit load of Mingus whenever you get the chance.


songs everyone should own: latyrx – lady don’t tek no

Latyrx were a rap duo that emerged in the late nineties that dropped some serious flavor out of the Bay Area scene.  Consisting of Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truth Speaker, Latyrx had some moderately successful hits under their belt, except this little nugget of brilliance that slipped under the radar off of the now infamous Muzappers Mixes EP.  That’s DJ Shadow on  production as well!

It was all on the legendary Solesides label, which would later morph into Quannum Projects, and represents a beat heavy simplicity that is missing from hip hop these days.


mixes everyone should hear: blood bros – first blood & heaven 2 hell

If you were at all like myself back in the eighties and early nineties, you probably enjoyed some fantastic shlock action films like the Rocky series, Over the Top and The Last Dragon.  And if you admit to enjoying great cinema like that, you also have to admit to enjoying thehair band power tracks that usually accompanied said films.  Well Dirty South Joe and DJ A enjoyed these things as well…so much so that they took some of their favorite tracks and made a mix that follows the general story line of film like this: training, the fight and eventual victory.  It will make you feel pumped, excited and a little ashamed all at once and that is no rare feat.

And they are kind enough to provide a free download as well!

Now fast forward a few months and our DJ duo are back with part 2 (Also free download! There is also an apparent part three on the way BTW)

This one follows the same formula as the first, but with tracks from Scarface, Top Gun and Gleaming the Cube to name a few.  Personally, I enjoy any mix with Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone” in it.  To be honest, I picked these up a few months ago and finally got around to listening to them the other day.  I didn’t want to drop em on you before I gave them a good listen to ensure you got the highest quality available.

They are associated with Hypetrak magazine, which can be found HERE, and on Soundcloud HERE.  Check em out, there is a lot of good stuff up in there!  Keep an eye out for part three coming soon!



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