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songs everyone should own: toast soundsystem – stevies black van

Grab this! Grab it now and don’t ask questions because it will be gone as quickly as it appeared!

I am in love with this little remix that throws Stevie Nicks lyrics from “Dreams” with “Yearning” from Black Van. Dynamite stuff!

Remember that DJ Tim told you.


songs everyone should own: mojo filter – boom boom

One of my favorite denziens of the Soundcloud, Ben Zaven Crane (AKA Mojo Filter,) made this highly dance-able little Indian/dubstep/dub.

“A full-on Slo-Mo venture featuring the vocals of Dodgy Diva-D. I met her at a bus stop in India some years back and could not believe how shiny she was.

Not just that, she’s crammed with untold vocal bytes and pieces.

Enjoy, it’s a mantra meaning ‘keep you faith and store cakes in a cool dry place’ or something like that.”

Personally, I cant get enough!  Free download too for a limited time too!


r.i.p. – etta james and johnny otis

We are certainly going to miss you guys.


songs everyone should own: wildcookie – serious drug

I may be a little slow on getting this one out there, but this collaboration between the already legendary Freddie Cruger ( aka Red Astaire) and vocalist Anthony Mills is really killing it right now. For some reason, most of their songs are about hard drugs.

While I will focus on how awesome the video is, I’m sure everyone can agree that this is an excellent song about cocaine.

Cop that shit on itunes HERE!


songs everyone should own: travis wammack – easy evil

Like a bolt of lightening out of a quiet storm, country star Travis Wammack definitely hits the spot with this soulful smooth number that seems like it should be getting airplay on any number of seventies stations.

But it’s not.  Instead, you may have heard one of the many other versions by Captain and Tennille, Merle Saunders or the original by Larry Carlton.

This is still my favorite version.


sir victor uwaifo – guitar boy superstar 1970-76

The more you dig into Africa’s rich musical history, the more gold you eventually will find.  This appears to be especially true when it comes to Nigeria which was home to more talent than most hemispheres.  While Fela might get all the recognition, there are a lot of other guys out there that are no less deserving like Sir Victor Uwaifo.  This collection, which chronicles his career in the seventies goes a long way to getting across that genius with some hand picked gems from the man.

Victor was truly a superstar and famous not only for his music, an offshoot of Highlife called Joromi, but also for his accomplishments in writing, sculpting, instrument invention and his former career as a wrestler. Not only that but he was also a Nigerian ambassador and was once the Commissioner of Culture!  Born in Benin in 1941, Victor built his first guitar at the age of 12 and was awarded Africa’s first gold record for his hit song “Joromi” at the age of 18.

This masterful collection, from the always on point Soundway Records, covers Uwaifo’s Ekassa period in the early to mid seventies.  He has just returned from his stint in the capital of Lagos and came hjome to start the new decade with a mixture of  ancient Benini Obas music, highlife jazz and a little rock and soul to create something just as special as afro-beat, but on an entirely different tip.  These were pretty rare recordings and most were unreleased until Soundway got their grubby little mitts on them, polished them up and reissued them here.  Consider it a gift that they did because this music could make a suicide seem upbeat.

All this is well worth it for a guitar player who is also well known for being able to play with his feet and his tongue!  Look out ladies!

On Itunes HERE.

On Amazon HERE…$8.99!



songs everyone should own: the doves – jetstream (lindstrom remix)

I’m a little ashamed to admit I’ve never even listened to the original version of this track, but after hearing what Lindstrom did with the remix I’m not certain it is even necessary.

Just wait till around the 1:04 mark when the keyboards come in…then just sit back and gawk with amazement as he goes absolutely ape shit on this funky shit.  To be honest, I usually mix out of the song before the vocals come in because the intro is so dope.

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