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songs everyone should own: travis wammack – easy evil

Like a bolt of lightening out of a quiet storm, country star Travis Wammack definitely hits the spot with this soulful smooth number that seems like it should be getting airplay on any number of seventies stations.

But it’s not.  Instead, you may have heard one of the many other versions by Captain and Tennille, Merle Saunders or the original by Larry Carlton.

This is still my favorite version.


songs everyone should own: hugo – 99 problems

I was pretty hung over the other night, so I spent the next day recovering and watching movies.  One of those movies was the new remake of “Fright Night,” which was surprisingly good.

What was even better was this song over the ending credits.  For some reason, the whole idea of country versions of hip hop really tickles my fancy, but even more so when it’s done this well.


songs everyone should own: johnny cash – ghost riders in the sky (mojo filter red-eye remix)

In the need of a tune to make your backyard BBQ into a electronic hoe down?  Look no further.

I never really understood what this song was talking about, but it definitely kicks ass…even more so thanks to Mojo Filter’s work.

Grab a copy HERE.


kris kristofferson – please don’t tell me how the story ends – the publishing demos 1968-72

I just have to say that for being a major traffic artery, the 101 freeway between Los Angeles is an absolute mess.

You’d think that maybe at some point they would have gotten around to fixing it so that it is four lanes the whole way, but no.  Instead, the damn thing fluctuates between four lanes and two lanes the whole way up. Throw in a bunch of horrible drivers and you got stop and go traffic all day long.

So, if any of my readers happens to work for Cal Trans, I beg you.  Waste some state money on this disaster.  Please!

Now, moving on to things that aren’t disasters…I give you the long awaited Kris Kristofferson collection “Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends,” from the amazing Light In The Attic label.  Filled with songs written mostly when Kristofferson was a janitor at Columbia Records.  It’s easy these days to see how his acting career may have overshadowed his songwriting over the years, especially with the young kids who don’t know that people like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash covered Kristofferson’s songs on the reg.

But many of his American classics are collected here in versions that haven’t been heard before…recorded simply, on simple equipment for a demo tape of a talent the world didn’t know about yet.  The CD is elegantly packaged and has extensive liner notes for all you info junkies out there.  If you didn’t own any of his work before, this is the time to change that.

Cheap on AMAZON!


songs everyone should own: bobby gentry – ode to billy joe

This is on my list of songs that I couldn’t possibly live without.

It’s soul, it’s country…it’s folksy and funky. But mostly I love it for telling a story without really telling a story.

I wish more artists could be as subtle.

If you like this, go track down more!  Ms Gentry’s got a lot of awesome under-appreciated hits.


songs everyone should own: junip – without you

I’ve always like Jose Gonzales because his work reminds me so much of Nick Drake.

He newest side project, Junip is no exception.  Beautiful stuff.

Loved the use of this one for the HBO trailer for Inception.


songs everyone should own: jerry reed – i feel for you

A lot of people only know Jerry Reed as the man who made the theme song from Smokey and the Bandit, “Eastbound and Down.”

A lot of people need to dig deeper.

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