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songs everyone should know: donnie darko – mad world (mojo filter cosmotronic edit)

It’s days like this I thank god for guys like Ben Crane, AKA Mojo Filter, for taking things I already love and making them awesome in ways I never would have thought of.

+1 for the free download too!!!


songs everyone should own: chet faker – no diggity

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a well done cover song.  In fact, I have a huge folder of nothing but cover tunes, and this one is now top of the list.


songs everyone should own: grimes – oblivion

I’ve been trying to find a great album to post.  Like, literally staring at my crates and attempting to will one into existence, but great albums don’t come easy.

So in the meantime, take this insanely catchy little number by Grimes that has been playing in my head all week.   I love the video too, for the low budget win!


artists everyone should follow: psychemagik

It is no easy task to DJ for other people.  Imagine going to work at your job and every five minutes some complete stranger walks up to you to tell you how they think you should do your job.  Because, at their core, most DJ’s aren’t interested in being your personal jukebox.  They don’t want to play the new Britney Spears for you, they want to play things you’ve never heard before and make you freak out on them.

This is not an easy task because most people don’t want to hear music they don’t already recognize, let alone try and dance to it. They want to hear the same top 40 crap the radio shits out every day. I don’t think I’ll ever understand this, but thats just me.

But one group that manages to play a lot of obscure old tracks and actually make them feel accessible is Psychmagik.  I worship at the alter of these guys and every remix, re-edit or mix they put out is pure gold…as the remix they did of Fleetwood Mac above can testify to.  Also check out their “Blackout ’77 Mix” below.  This is some top notch ear food here.

There is also this little gem of a two hour mix called “Sunrise” that they dropped the other week.  Pure magic!  Download it over at Test Pressing HERE.  Below you’ll also find their amazing remix of Tony Joe White, who you may recall also rocks.

Or this little psychedelic beat heavy number:

If these tracks don’t hook you then I can’t be of any more assistance today.  Good day.

Follow them on SOUNDCLOUD HERE.



another monday…another mixtape

If you heard and enjoyed the last mixtape my friend Andrew and I did, here’s one of the previous volumes…and one of our favorites.

And its FREE!!!!


music sites everyone should visit: resident advisor

I am constantly amazed at what can be found on the internet for free.  Free maps, free information, free pictures…free porn.  But my all time favorite is the amount of free music you can find with a simple click of the mouse, and one of my favorite places to do this is over at Resident Advisor.

Founded in 2001 as a site to cover the Australian dance music scene, it quickly outgrew it’s regional focus within a year and began a more global focus on electronic music from all over.  The site is full of all kinds of articles, reviews,  information, DJ charts, upcoming event listings, tickets and most notably podcasts.

(Note: try googling podcasts sometime.  You’ll find all kinds of stuff)

It’s the podcasts that really set RA apart from other music sites because they get some of the best and brightest musicians, DJs and producers to make mixes for them every week.  and if you sign up with them, you get em all for free.  I know what you’re thinking.  Another site that wants my info…blah blah blah.  They’ll send me emails, and spam and everything will suck.

True…maybe.  But that’s why you open a separate email account just for these purposes, because the music is worth it.

Previous podcast mixes of note came from such luminaries as Greg Wilson, DJ Harvey, Trus’me, The Orb, Todd Terje and Richie Hawtin.  But aside from the guys you know and love, you’ll discover a slew of names and styles you may never have heard of.  There’s also a Soundcloud page where it appears they are posting mixes of their monthly picks.

Here is one of my favorite mixes from 2008 from Aeroplane, which still gets played in my car from time to time. Download em, check em out…and then head over to RA for more.

RA 114 – Aeroplane

Because there’s always more.


Lykke Li – Youth Novels

lykkeGood news for my living room!  the closet guy is here and installing my brand new closet as I write this!

This is great news for my stuff, since most of it has been living in my living room for the last month or so.  It’s even better news for me because i get my living room back!  Sure, I’ll miss the little trails I’ve made through the piles of crud, but soon that crud will be replaced by glorious, glorious space!

So, that’s one less thing to worry about I guess.  Next up, formatting my computer!

Yeah, that’s gonna be a hoot.

So I was thinking that I’ve been stuck in retro mode lately on the posts.  Not that old music is bad, but I feel like sping time is here and i should throw out some new ish for the folks…which brings me to our latest offering.  One of my top albums of 2008, Lykke Li’s “Youth Novels.”

Her real name is Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (it’s a mouthful, I agree, but she’s Swedish and also a stone cold fox so I’m gonna let it pass) and was born in Sweden in 1986 to a painter mother and a musician father.  She moved around alot through her life, living on a Portugese mountaintop, Lisbon, Morocco and winters in India and Nepal.  All told it seems to have produced a well rounded young singer, although she says her sound was mostly influenced by the solitude in Sweden above all else.

In fact, growing up she didn’t want to be a singer…that came later.  All she knew was that she wanted to be an artist in something, and luckily for us she chose music.

She arrived in New York at age 19 for a three month visit and returned two years later to record this album under the production skills of Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John fame.  In 2007 she released the heavily slept on “Little Bit EP” that, if nothing else put her on the radar.  Of it’s four tracks, three ended up on “Youth Novels.”

I like a good pop female vocalist as much as the next guy, but really good new ones are hard to come by.  So when I picked up the album and tossed it into my play list for the day, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.  Dreamy vocals of liquid sunshine over sparse folksy beats make it as uplifting as it is intriguing.  You’ll hear dashes of psyche, electronic, rock  and indie sounds throughout the album…but the work still seems unified.

I’ve heard her compared to other Swedish imports like Robyn, but I kind of think she’s like a Swedish Feist more than anything else.  I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed she does a Sesame Street cameo as well…cause I love that shit.  Apparently Lykke Li is working on a second album at the moment, but says it’ll be a while before we hear any of it.

Until then I’ll be waiting!



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