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songs everyone should own: wildcookie – serious drug

I may be a little slow on getting this one out there, but this collaboration between the already legendary Freddie Cruger ( aka Red Astaire) and vocalist Anthony Mills is really killing it right now. For some reason, most of their songs are about hard drugs.

While I will focus on how awesome the video is, I’m sure everyone can agree that this is an excellent song about cocaine.

Cop that shit on itunes HERE!


satanic six – 100% holiday mashups and remixes

If you’re like me, most holiday music makes you ill.  I tend to get by on Frank Sinatra and Phil Spector oldies, but that’s about all.

Luckily DJ BC and his friends had a different idea and have compiled this neat little collection for your 2011 season.  Together with DJ McFly, DJ Sshmolli, ATOM, Voicedude and a slew of other bring you a sleigh full of messed up Christmas fun.  Check out the set list!

1. Have Yourself a Santastic Little Christmas (Santastic DJs vs Henry Mancini vs classic breaks)- dj BC
2. Santatage (Otis Redding vs The Beastie Boys vs Run DMC) – Divide and Kreate (Stockholm, Sweden)
3. Party Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (LMFAO vs Brenda Lee) – DJ McFly (Boston, MA)
4. Santa A Go-Go (Wham! vs. The Jackson 5) – DJ Schmolli (Vienna, Austria)
5. Nothing Else Matters But My Favourite Things (Metallica vs Brian Setzer Orchestra) – G3RsT (The Netherlands)
6. Crimson & Chanukah (Adam Sandler as sung by Adrian Roberts vs Joan Jett & the Blackhearts) – A Plus D (San Francisco) vs RIAA (Los Angeles)
7. Wonderland Walker(Peggy Lee vs Fats Domino vs Bjork) – ATOM (NYC, USA)
8. Mashing Christmas (Danny Elfman vs The Supremes vs Jimmy Stewart) – dj BC (Atlanta, GA)
9. Merry Christmas 2U (U2 vs David Archuletta vs Gladys Knight & The Saints Unlimited vs MercyMe) – mojochronic (Berkeley, CA)
10. You’re A Loser, Newt Gingrich! (Dr. Seuss & Albert Hague vs Voicedude) – Voicedude (Anaheim, CA)
11. Marshmallow Vanilla Fudge World(Brenda Lee vs Vanilla Fudge) – DJ Flack (Boston, USA)
12. Blenda Ree Mix (Brenda Lee vs Greenhill Dixieland Band) – Martinn (The Netherlands)
13. Pump Up The Holiday (Andy Williams vs Technotronic vs The Osmonds) – mojochronic (Berkeley, CA)
14. Let’s Get Our Fa La La On (Justin Bieber & Boyz II Men vs Marvin Gaye) – Voicedude (Anaheim, CA)
15. Viva Home (Pet Shop Boys vs Coldplay vs It’s A Wonderful Life) – Cheekyboy (London, England)

And because it’s the season of giving, the mix is free…although you will find a nice little donation button on their site and I encourage you to give.  So head on down HERE and grab a copy!  If you like it and want more, check out more of these guys holiday capers like:

Santastic V: Snow,Man!


Menorah Mashup

Or a whole list of more fun tracks HERE

This is the stiff that winter dreams are made of people!  Get crackin!


artists everyone should follow: dj neil armstrong

You may remember I posted Neil’s monster mix Original a long time ago…and with good reason.  Many Dj’s had taken the concept of mixing original songs withe the hip hop songs that sampled them, but none of them had pulled it off with as much flair as DJ Neil Armstrong of the infamous 5th Platoon.

But that isn’t to say he is just a hip hop DJ.  In fact, from listening to any of his many mixes, a portrait emerges of a man who just loves music…all kinds of music.  Rock, funk, pop, soul, R&B, electro, 80’s music and comedy skits.  Many of his mixes revolve around a theme…Warmfuzzy contained songs that would make you feel good, Bittersweet was all break up songs while Filthy was almost all rock and roll.  Below is a sample of what you’ll get.

But what all these mixes have in common is the quality of his selections and the care he takes in putting a mix together.  These aren’t mixes done in an hour on a laptop, he puts a lot into them…which is why he doesn’t release them as often as I’d wish.  I currently have them all…as well as a few other radio shows I’ve picked up as they’ve come along, but Neil is smart enough to ask you to pay for the work he’s done  and he has a little store where you can pick up the more ambitious titles in his catalog (they are worth it if you are wondering.)

But on a recent perusal of his website the other day I discovered a neat little page titled podcasts, which contained a wealth of mixes I hadn’t seen before.  Most are radio shows or live club shows, but also a great copy of Warmfuzzy(one of my favorites) a wedding mix he did for one of his crew and a couple of remix projects too.

He is currently the tour DJ for Jay Z, and is doing promotions for Adidas because he is a bad ass.  So if you love all music too, and want to get some ipod food for the weekend, you could do a lot worse than checking in with DJ Neil Armstrong.

Website HERE.

Mix store  HERE.

Podcasts HERE.


songs everyone should own: NIN vs 50 cent – closer(in da club)

Making a good mash up is a hit or miss affair.  Most of the time the results are just kind of so so.

This one, by DJ Create,  knocked the ball out of the park.




dangermouse vs jay z – the grey album

So Carmaggedon came and went and was as underwhelming as you would expect an event to be when it doesn’t even remotely live up to the hype.  Everyone listened to the warnings and stayed home in droves.  If it was up to me, Id have a Carmaggedon every month.  Seems like a good way to get people to slow down here in LA and get their collective shit together.

But moving on to this weeks offering, I bring you the now legendary 2004 bootleg of DJ Dangermouse’s – The Grey Album.

For this album to happen, a couple of stars needed to align at the right time.  First and foremost was Jay Z’s decision to not only release the Black Album…but to release the whole thing as an accapella album as well.  In the past, different artists had released accapellas of singles here and there, but this was unprecedented.  At the time the mash up craze was also going on and DJ Dangermouse had a brainstorm of mixing the Beatles – The White Album with Jay Z’s – The Black Album…and The Grey Album was born.

But The Beatles catalog was a sampling no no.  It was expensive to get the right to even a single bit of Beatle, let alone a whole album.  So Dangermouse took his tracks and his gigantic set of balls and just released the damn thing.  Initially put out as a limited run available only at a select set of internet distributors, the album took off like a rocket and became one of the top ten albums of 2004.

EMI sent a cease and desist letter, but the cat was already out of the bag…and once something is on the internet it’s really hard to make it go away.

But where most artists would have just made a simple Beatles loop, added some beats and threw Jay Z over the top, Dangermouse’s work went far deeper on production.  He took bits and pieces from all over the sprawling White Album and created something new and wonderful…you can tell this was not a slapped together one off.   It’s a welcome addition to any collection, be they Beatles fans or Jay Z’s fan.

Better yet, you can download the fucker HERE.  Thanks internets…and the always fabulous!


songs everyone should own: leather hands – vertical lines

One of the catchiest…and most hypnotic videos I’ve seen in a while.  More please!

Love those buttons!


Eastbound and Down – OST

So it appears I am back again, for the time being, as the writing seems to agree with me and fight off malaise.

The reason I skipped out was that was becoming too much of a chore to write these really long in depth posts and do all the research and whatnot.  Then I kind of realized that I didn’t have to write long posts.  In fact, the rest of the ADD population would probably be okay with it too.

So in the future, the posts may be shorter, but the albums will be no less essential.

I don’t know if you  have seen Eastbound and Down, Jody Hill and Danny McBride’s show about a washout MLB pitcher…but you should. If you don’t have HBO, you should buy the DVDs or simply download the episodes off a torrent site like the rest of the world.

But, aside from the fact that is was some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen on TV, it also had some of the most expertly chosen music I’ve ever seen put on a TV show.  I’ve searched the interwebs high and low for the name of the individual responsible for this picking, but so far I’ve come up with nothing except a vague reference to Wayne Kramer.  If he was the man, then kudos to you Wayne!  If it was someone else,  then someone please post his name in the comment section so I can send him beer in the mail because…damn!

Yes…this song is on the soundtrack.

Aside from some monstrous blues riffs like Freddie King’s – Going Down and R.L. Burnside’s – Let My Baby Ride, the musical selection jumps all over …from The Black Keys to Canadian rockers April Wine.  Where Trentemoller and Spank Rock sit beside Lee Hazlewood  and Kenny Rogers.  If you see them used on the show, every song hits the mood perfectly.  If you just pop in the soundtrack, you’re left with a no less enjoyable trip down eclectic lane.   And if you don’t own any music from these artists, you can pop this in at your next gathering and look like a real music geek.

Unfortunately, HBO and the guys from the show never got around to compiling or releasing this soundtrack.  Why, I’ll never know?

Thank God for the internets, but mostly a shout out to Robot from Drunk on Dreams who was the first to answer my prayers by doing what HBO didn’t.

Note: All the links on his sharebee post are down… 😦

Luckily nothing really dies on the internet, so you can just torrent the fuck out of  this soundtrack HERE.

As and extra bonus, you can DL the season two soundtrack as well (Thanks to Percy Dovetonsils over at the Bastards Blog!!!) It’s even longer and more badass, and with a lot of awesome latin tunes that I recommend just as highly.

It’s too bad this wasn’t given a proper release, but at least you can still get it anyways.



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