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Los Hermanos Latinos – The 12″ Collection

Billy brought over Serato to my Loft the other day and it was every bit as awesome as I thought it could be…therefore cementing my desire to finally switch over to the digital realm of DJing.

To be honest, I’ve fought it as long as I could.

I was getting used to being stared at as I wheeled my gear into a gig and people saw only vinyl.

“Are you playing real records?” they’d ask.  And I’d nod.

“Wow…do they even make them anymore?” I’d nod again, then have to listen to some story about records they used to have while I ty to get everything wired.

But vinyl always seemed better to me.  Maybe it’s the sound quality, maybe it’s the substantial feel (better than CDs), but most of all it’s because there is music out there that simply doesn’t get released in any other format.

Usually these are just singles, remixes or blends…and eventually someone converts them to digital formats for DJ usage. But for the most part, they remain out of all public knowledge…and I find that kind of sad.

How does that help anyone?, let alone the music?

Take Los Hermanos Latinos for example.  I picked up the first of these 12″ singles a few years back and it instantly became a crate staple.  The kind of music that would guarantee dance floor booty-shaking no matter where you dropped it.  Since then, three more volumes have dropped and each one has been awesome in it’s own right.

Not much information is floating around about these records, which is usually how it goes in these cases, but they appear to be a side collaboration project between Will Holland (AKA Quantic) and Miles Cleret of Soundway Records.  The formula is simple.  Take a great latin tune (Mexican, Colombian, Cuban etc) that most of the English speaking world has no knowledge of, and pump it up with some stanky hip hop drums.

It’s simple, but it works.  In a lot of remix projects, the music gets so over worked that the original tune gets lost in the translation.  But with Will and Miles at the helm, the original tracks really shine through.

You can pick up the wax at some of the better online record shops (most seem to be sold out), or maybe some of your local record shops (support em!). But, I’ve looked around online, and aside from the vinyl no one appears to be selling the digital tracks…they do appear do be freely shared though!

Grab ’em HERE!

It may not count as a full album, but there are four other tracks out there for you to collect…if they really float your boat.   Put em on a mixtape, toss em on your iPod, bring em to work!

And you’re welcome.




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