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songs everyone should own: nick cave and the bad seeds – red right hand (mojo filter carne creep out)


Mojo Filter is back and in rare form folks, taking a great old Nick Cave song and turning it into a creepy, sultry, beat driven number that begs to be played over and over.  Take a listen, download it while you can and be sure to drop the man a line to let him know how much you appreciate things like this.


songs everyone should own: bob dylan – she belongs to me (rosa lux belongs edit)

It’s hard to not like this nicely done remix by Rosa Lux.  It’s even harder to not like the original song that Dylan wrote for Joan Baez.

And it’s even harder to not like a free download.


songs everyone should own: johnny cash – ghost riders in the sky (mojo filter red-eye remix)

In the need of a tune to make your backyard BBQ into a electronic hoe down?  Look no further.

I never really understood what this song was talking about, but it definitely kicks ass…even more so thanks to Mojo Filter’s work.

Grab a copy HERE.


dangermouse vs jay z – the grey album

So Carmaggedon came and went and was as underwhelming as you would expect an event to be when it doesn’t even remotely live up to the hype.  Everyone listened to the warnings and stayed home in droves.  If it was up to me, Id have a Carmaggedon every month.  Seems like a good way to get people to slow down here in LA and get their collective shit together.

But moving on to this weeks offering, I bring you the now legendary 2004 bootleg of DJ Dangermouse’s – The Grey Album.

For this album to happen, a couple of stars needed to align at the right time.  First and foremost was Jay Z’s decision to not only release the Black Album…but to release the whole thing as an accapella album as well.  In the past, different artists had released accapellas of singles here and there, but this was unprecedented.  At the time the mash up craze was also going on and DJ Dangermouse had a brainstorm of mixing the Beatles – The White Album with Jay Z’s – The Black Album…and The Grey Album was born.

But The Beatles catalog was a sampling no no.  It was expensive to get the right to even a single bit of Beatle, let alone a whole album.  So Dangermouse took his tracks and his gigantic set of balls and just released the damn thing.  Initially put out as a limited run available only at a select set of internet distributors, the album took off like a rocket and became one of the top ten albums of 2004.

EMI sent a cease and desist letter, but the cat was already out of the bag…and once something is on the internet it’s really hard to make it go away.

But where most artists would have just made a simple Beatles loop, added some beats and threw Jay Z over the top, Dangermouse’s work went far deeper on production.  He took bits and pieces from all over the sprawling White Album and created something new and wonderful…you can tell this was not a slapped together one off.   It’s a welcome addition to any collection, be they Beatles fans or Jay Z’s fan.

Better yet, you can download the fucker HERE.  Thanks internets…and the always fabulous!


Various – Motown Remixed Vol 1 & 2

Not everything goes well together.

I used to have a writing class sitting next to an odd girl with badly self cut bangs and Egyptian style eye make up who. often took to wearing a bright orange jumpsuit.  She asked me if I wanted to come to her art performance once.

“What kind of performance?’  I asked.

She explained that she would be stripping naked and throwing herself on broken light bulbs whilst screaming.

I declined.  She was acting particularly odd that day, swinging her head from side to side and squirming in her seat and I asked her if she was okay.

“Oh, yeah…” she trailed off, staring into space “I smoked crack and speed before I came to class.  I like the combination”

I laughed at first, before realizing that she wasn’t joking.  But for many years, most of the major record labels made a similar mistake.

It wasn’t until the nineties that the concept of the remix album appeared, probably because the whole concept arose from the newly emerged genres of Hip Hop and Electronic.  And like most things that are just getting started, there were a lot of mistakes made and a lot of crummy dance remixes made.  Most boiled down to the fact that the people picking the original source music and the remixers to go with it didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing.  This lasted until around 2002 , when like a revelation from above the first of the Verve Remixed series was released.


What set it apart from similar projects was the pure genius of the formula.  Take timeless classic music, and match it up with producers who love it.  In an industry where taste is usually not looked upon favorably, this was something new, which brings us to the newest contestant in the remix world, “Motown Remixed Vol 1 & 2.”

The Motown Remixed Vol 1 was released to rave reviews in 2005, using the same surefire formula.  Why wouldn’t the hits of Motown be even more fucking awesome if given over to the same hip hop producers who had been listening to and sampling it for years? It was a great record and a staple for any party I played at the time.  But the hip hop/soul combo seemed almost too easy…which is why I was so blown away by Volume 2.

This time…Motown took a little trip to Miami.

Gone are the hip hop or house beats, replaced by the frenetic sound of salsa. And for music that was already made for parties, adding the latin element just seems to crank the energy up to 11.  The real standout here is the Miami Mix of the Jackson 5’s ‘Dancing Machine’ which you’ll find below.  It practically grabs you by the shoulders and kicks you ass onto the dance floor.

Other notable reworkings are the Jr Walker All Stars classic ‘Shotgun’ remixed by Los Amigos Invisibles, which really draws out the funk nicely, and the amazing version of Smokey Robinson’s ‘Being With You’… remixed by Eric Bodi Rivera and reunited with Smokey’s spanish language vocals (I had no idea he had done this until now), now called ‘Aqui Con Tigo.’ Pure magic.

Check out the official site HERE to listen to the whole album.  It’s really something else.

So if you like Motown (even if you’re a purist) and you like a little latin in your party, grab this for your collection.  It’s two great tastes that taste great together.



Los Hermanos Latinos – The 12″ Collection

Billy brought over Serato to my Loft the other day and it was every bit as awesome as I thought it could be…therefore cementing my desire to finally switch over to the digital realm of DJing.

To be honest, I’ve fought it as long as I could.

I was getting used to being stared at as I wheeled my gear into a gig and people saw only vinyl.

“Are you playing real records?” they’d ask.  And I’d nod.

“Wow…do they even make them anymore?” I’d nod again, then have to listen to some story about records they used to have while I ty to get everything wired.

But vinyl always seemed better to me.  Maybe it’s the sound quality, maybe it’s the substantial feel (better than CDs), but most of all it’s because there is music out there that simply doesn’t get released in any other format.

Usually these are just singles, remixes or blends…and eventually someone converts them to digital formats for DJ usage. But for the most part, they remain out of all public knowledge…and I find that kind of sad.

How does that help anyone?, let alone the music?

Take Los Hermanos Latinos for example.  I picked up the first of these 12″ singles a few years back and it instantly became a crate staple.  The kind of music that would guarantee dance floor booty-shaking no matter where you dropped it.  Since then, three more volumes have dropped and each one has been awesome in it’s own right.

Not much information is floating around about these records, which is usually how it goes in these cases, but they appear to be a side collaboration project between Will Holland (AKA Quantic) and Miles Cleret of Soundway Records.  The formula is simple.  Take a great latin tune (Mexican, Colombian, Cuban etc) that most of the English speaking world has no knowledge of, and pump it up with some stanky hip hop drums.

It’s simple, but it works.  In a lot of remix projects, the music gets so over worked that the original tune gets lost in the translation.  But with Will and Miles at the helm, the original tracks really shine through.

You can pick up the wax at some of the better online record shops (most seem to be sold out), or maybe some of your local record shops (support em!). But, I’ve looked around online, and aside from the vinyl no one appears to be selling the digital tracks…they do appear do be freely shared though!

Grab ’em HERE!

It may not count as a full album, but there are four other tracks out there for you to collect…if they really float your boat.   Put em on a mixtape, toss em on your iPod, bring em to work!

And you’re welcome.



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