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Bob Marley – Babylon by Bus

The problem with Greatest Hit’s albums are that they give a false impression to folks, who are led to believe that they have have all they need from that artist.

The worst of the offenders is that damn “Bob Marley: Legend” album.

I almost laughed aloud when I was watching “I Am Legend” the other day ( and not just because the movie was ridiculous) when Will Smith goes into his diatribe about how great Bob Marley is, and how great his music is…and apparently the only CD he had was “Legend.”  Now, maybe the filmmakers were trying to tie it all in to the title of the movie, but give me a f’ing break why don’t ya?

Released in 1978, “Babylon by Bus” is the quintessential live Marley album.  Some will say that 1975’s “Bob Marley: Live” is the real deal, and they would be right as well…but this one is my favorite.  It may not have been as inspired a show, but the band that is playing on ‘Babylon’ is much tighter and more mature…and it shows.  This album just makes you feel better…even if you are headed to work at 6:30 in the morning,,, and you’re hungover ’cause your friends challenged you to have a few more Patron shots to end the night, and then you one upped them by buying a round of Pyrat shots.  Take that, losers!

Recorded during the “Kaya” tour at the Pavillion de Paris, it really catches the artist and the band in prime form all the way through.  Sure you get hits like ‘Jamming,’ ‘Exodus’ and ‘Stir it Up’…but you also get oldies like ‘Punky Reggae Party’ and the monstrous ‘War/No More Trouble’ to really seal the deal.

The album was recently reissued and can be got for like, $10 now…which is a bargain for a 73 minute live show.

BONUS!!!  If you can find the original double vinyl copy, the windows on the bus are cut out to show the sleeve underneith.  So depending on how you feel, you can change the scene!  Try and do that with a CD cover!




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